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Welcome to my little website

I guess I should say something profound about the world, the universe or the meaning behind creating stories to share with the world, or I could just not do that and we can all have an unspoken bond to say that I did.

I like to think my writing is eclectic and in a way it is, but in another way 80% of it is science fiction or supernatural fantasy, so if those things appeal to you, it might be an idea to have a read.

There are dozens of unfinished books and scripts sitting on my drive and documents with new ideas which I add constantly. I don't think I'll ever finish everything in my lifetime, but damn... I better at least try.

I truly hope some of you are entertained by the stories, characters and worlds I create, because that's my purpose, to share cool stories with you.

I should really go write.

- Josh

About Joshuah

Joshuah Buckle is an Australian author, screenwriter and producer.

His background is built on a mixture of film production, song writing and journalism.

This site is all about sharing his work and his passion for the creative.